VIII jornadas Olfativas, Asturias 2022

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Abstracts will be submitted "on line". Prior submission, the author will have to register and pay the registration fee.
All presentations will be oral (10 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion) and must be supported by a summary prepared by the following guidelines:

  • Language: English
  • Length: Maximum of one page, single spaced size DINA4.
  • Margins: Top, bottom and sides: 25 mm (+ 10 mm Binding )
  • Text: Microsoft Word (.doc format ) Font: Times New Roman, size 12.
  • Figures: Graphs, tables and photographs in high quality black and white.

The summary will be organized in the following order:

  • TITLE: ALL CAPS, bold and centered.
    A blank line.
  • Names of authors, with family names in small caps, centered. Underline the name of the author that will make the presentation to whom any subsequent correspondence will be sent .
  • Author affiliations . Centered. If several institutions are named, state high to low hierarchy and precede successive superscript numbers (1, 2 , 3, etc. . ).
    Blank line.
  • Text, divided into sections (but not named in captions or subtitles): Introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions or recommendations (if any). Do not leave blank lines in the text, but start a new paragraph to separate the parts indicated above.
  • At the end of the summary add a minimum of 5 keywords.
  • You can include any tables, figures or photos, provided they are in good quality black and white contrast, and strict compliance with the indicated margins.

The deadline for Abstracts closes on March 24, 2022.

The organizing committee will approve the oral communication based on the total number of requested oral presentations.

VERY IMPORTANT WARNING any abstract that does not meet, in one way or another, the instructions given in this document shall be RETURNED FOR CORRECTION to the authors that, in the shortest time possible, should proceed to correct it and send it again for inclusion in the Conference. Otherwise they will be automatically excluded.


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For abstract submission is essential to be registered to the Conference. If you are not registered do it here.

(choose as many boxes as necessary)
Olfactory reception
Simulation and electronic noses
Development of the olfactory system
Coding and integration of olfactory information
Olfactory behavior
Olfactory physiology
Olfactory pathology
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